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Welcome to Sage Mountain
Rosemary Gladstar & a Young Herbalist at Brietenbush Hot SpringsWelcome to Sage Mountain. Located on 500 wilderness acres in Vermont, Sage Mountain is one of New England’s foremost learning centers for herbs and earth awareness. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of wilderness with a variety of plant rich habitats and wildlife as our neighbors. Our facilities are simple, rustic and comfortable and provide a relaxing and beautiful place for participants to learn.

This marks our 25th year of offering programs at Sage Mountain. Though we often speak of ‘slowing down’ and offering fewer programs, there seems to be no greater need or desire to learn about traditional herbal medicine than right now. Disenchantment with the medical situation as is, the need for more cost effective medicine, and people’s desire to be more ‘in control’ of their health care have awakened the desire to learn more about what home remedies and herbal medicine have to offer.

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Though the knowledge and wisdom shared at these programs is outstanding and has helped fuel the ‘herbal renaissance’, the teachings are far more than just educational in nature. Rich in spirit, they nourish the heart as well as the mind. Through a strong network with other herbalists and other herbal programs around the country, we have built a strong green community and have created an interface with other traditions of healing while keeping an earth based herbal tradition alive and thriving in this country. It’s quite a miracle….

We invite you to be part of this growing green movement that is transforming modern healthcare. We invite you to join us at Sage Mountain for one of our programs, retreats or conferences, or for a stroll through the gardens. We especially invite you to become a ‘Steward of Healing Herbs’ by joining United Plant Savers.

At a time when all non profits are feeling the effects of these changing times, UpS needs the support of plant lovers to continue its work of helping to plant a sustainable future for herbs, herbalists, and future generations of plant lovers.






Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center & UpS Botanical Sanctuary

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