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Herbs For Longivity And Well BeingHerbs For Longivity And Well Being


By Rosemary Gladstar

“Their life is simple and they are moderate in their ways. They work, but do not go without time spent in rest and relaxation. They do not go short on sleep and know how to retire, in the proper sense of the word, when night falls; indeed, they are able to shut out the impressions of the day and forget whatever worries there might be. Such people have the ability to overcome the ups and downs of life with a calm and cheerful spirit and without worrying themselves sick.” Dr. Vogel, one of the world’s most beloved nature doctors, was nearly 90 when he wrote this after observing his elderly friends. Born in 1902, he practiced herbal medicine for nearly 70 years.

There is great faddishness surrounding longevity. Scientists study it madly. Researchers research it. And cosmetic and supplement companies capitalize on it, sporting longevity in every bottle. Is there a cosmetic company in the world that doesn’t tote some product that prevents skin from `aging’, wrinkles from forming or the chin from double sagging? And how easy it is to get caught in this anti-aging campaign. For that, in essence, is what this assault really is. It has little to do with health and well being, peace of mind and useful service to the world, all things that make life worthy and meaningful whether we’re young or old.

Even in the best of health, eating the best diet, the skin wrinkles and the body shifts and changes with the years. In nature we see these same cycles of change; all of life, trees, flowers, the wild animals go through these cycles of birth, growth, and death. Hopefully, these shifts and changes are rewarded with a productive and vibrant life, the years graced by wisdom and life’s experiences. I have come to believe that our obsession with life extension and prolonging life with little thought to quality, is a reflection of our fear of mortality and the inadequatacy of a belief system that fails to connect us to the great web of life.

Chi (pronounced che) is a Chinese term meaning essentially life force. It is the energy which activates all other energy; the form behind the form. All manifestation is a result of this invisible energy. When the term is used to describe the energy in the body, the bodies `chi’, we are referring to the body’s life force, the vital energy that flows through it. When one is in a state of mental and spiritual balance, the internal organs reflect this balance and disease cannot enter in. But when the chi, which nourishes the organs, is out of balance, then the internal organs are vulnerable, and disease can enter.

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